Voice Over Resume

Audio Books

Team Chu and the Battle of Blackwood Arena – Narration/Clip Chu

Video Games

Apocalyptic Dream (ApoYume) – Kei Higuchi


Black Crystal – Kuro Aonix
Black Plasma Studios – Minecraft: The Fall [Avalon] – Narrator
Duo Fortnite Adventure – Max
Gigguk – If Anime Studios Were People – Studio Ghibli
Gigguk – Re:Zero in 8 Minutes – Old Judge, Betelgeuse #2
Wild House S1E03 – Clones – Horse boss


Breadsword – An Argument For – Intro Narrator
The Dark Somnium – I run a bar…. – Harry Krauss
NFC – Nightmare Fighting Tournament – Abaddon, Qwong Xiao


Beginner – Advanced Voice Over Workshop with Tony Oliver
Anime Voice Acting Workshop Level 1 – 2 with Crispin Freeman

Special Skills

Voice Matching, ADR, Walla, Battle cries/grunts, long range voice

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